About Us

In May of 1996 a very unique off road club named "The Edge Offroad" was founded. Unprecedented to this day, all makes and models of off-road rigs are always welcome. This club remains a very active force in promoting our sport throughout Colorado and Utah.

     This gave us a great deal of experience in observing the capabilities of many different vehicles in various levels of build on a multitude of terrain. The countless hours of off road experience, from moderate, to extreme, has taught us through first hand experience which lifts, gearing, traction devices, accessories & setups work best and most importantly, hold up in real world off-roading conditions. From the nostalgic early Jeeps to the Awesome JK, or the early Range Rovers & Discos to the Brute Strength and ability of the Defender 90, Toyota's, Blazer's, Scouts, Early Broncos to Rock Buggy's. This gives us a distinct advantage, and background in terms of experience and general knowledge. Whether you're tackling fun mild/moderate trails such as "Oh My God Road", "Kingston Peak" or more difficult "Holy Cross", "Blanca", "Carnage" or "Indy" you can trust The Edge Automotive LLC to build your rig to safely and confidently conquer whatever terrain you put under it! Our low overhead, allows us to provide you with the very best in value, and engineering, designed to meet and exceed your expectations.




Christopher E. Breidenbach

Who is this Chris Breidenbach character?  First and foremost he is the proud father of three amazing children, Kelcie, Dustin, Evan and an incredible stepson Chase!  He is married to the woman of his dreams, Shea, who enjoys joining him on his many off-road and backcountry adventures!  Chris is the owner of The Edge Automotive 4x4 Center in Englewood Colorado specializing in drivetrain, suspension, custom fabrication & accessories.  

For fun, you can find Chris wheeling, exploring, hunting, fishing & camping throughout the backcountry of Colorado, Utah, South Dakota, Arizona, New Mexico & California on any given weekend in his AA ’94 D-90.  Chris is the Co-Founder of The Edge Offroad Established in 1996, which welcomes all makes and models of 4x4.


Scott Stultz

Scott’s diverse background spans more than 25 years as a Navy airman, automotive research engineer, master tech, marketing professional, carpenter and artisan.  Scott has worked on all types of equipment including military aircraft, boats and race cars.  Scott is an avid outdoorsman and his current wheeling rig is a Nissan. 


Brent A. Marceca

Brent has been in the backcountry since Birth, his love for the outdoors is ingrained deep within him and it shows.  As Cofounder of The Edge Off-road wheeling group he has experienced a multitude of off-road conditions.  His personal motto is "I'll figure it out"  Part of his experience has been trails repairs, and recovery, not only to his own vehicle but others as well, this experience and knowledge is key to our industry producing knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in many sub-optimal conditions. Brent is a proud Navy Veteran that was actively involved in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Desert Freedom.  He comes to us as our Wholesale and Web Manager.


Jesse Hahn

Hey hey Jesse here, Colorado native!  I realized I loved four wheeling when I was little. During the summers I would spend them with my grandpa and his dune buggy! Now I have a family of three kiddos, Kadence, Axel and Onor.  And don’t let me forget the best part of my life, my amazing wife, Natasha. She has grown to enjoy the open country as much as me. The things I love, besides wheeling, are being with my family, going to church, enjoying our traditions, such as going up to cut down our Christmas tree, volunteering, hitting up the shooting range and building stuff with my hands.

I have been working on cars for as long as I can remember, but I have been in this industry since 2002. I enjoy taking people’s dreams and building them into reality.  I have had several rigs in the past.  My first jeep is an ’85 CJ-7, that I still have and plan on rebuilding for my daughter’s first car (her request) along with many Cherokees and now I have a ’87 Wagoneer. One of my biggest goals in life is to be the first to catch a sasquatch. 


Noah Landen Leatherbury

What’s up everyone I’m Noah. I am a born and raised Colorado native. I’ve been working in the automotive industry since I was 17. I enjoy doing what I do and love to show my passion for what I do. My true passions outside of work consists of fishing, hunting and rescuing animals. 99% of my time is in the outdoors or hanging with family. I’m a blue collar man who works hard and plays harder. My biggest support is my Fiancee, family, and friends. Not to mention I love my dog more than life.